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In loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. William James Pharr
founders of the McAdenville Christmas Lights
and the Yule Log Ceremony.

 will be

  Thursday December,14
Residents and visitors will gather, starting at 5:00 pm on the 
lawn of the Pharr Corporate Office near the lake in the heart of McAdenville.
Approximately 5:50 pm,  Children will start to pull the Yule Log to Legacy Park

The lighting of the Yule Log will take place at 6 PM. 

Another Christmas Tradition in McAdenville is the
Yule Log Ceremony an event that began in 1949

Each year, residents and visitors follow the Yule Log
which is pulled by children on a sled through 
town to Legacy Park located on Elm Street in downtown McAdenville.

Once the log is positioned in the open fireplace it is ignited. 
Following the lighting of the Yule Log, the Christmas Town Festival will begin

The festival is a fun night for all, filled with music of the season provided by 
area schools and church choirs
entertainment will continue until 8:45 P. M. 

And yes...Santa will be in attendance too.

   The thrill of being a child in McAdenville......
 Is the night of the Yule Log festivities, children scramble to get a hand somewhere 
on the rope to help pull the Yule Log  
through town to it's final destination.

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