Christmas Town Ornament

   Hand-made in McAdenville North Carolina  - USA

Believed to be built in the early 1800's the large "WHITE HOUSE" on Park Street was home to Adam Springs (1776 - 1843) and R, Y. McAden (1832 - 1889)

Rufus Y. McAden purchased the land now known as McAdenville in 1880.

Springs Shoals Manufacturing began in 1881, later called McAden Mills.
The home is set on a hill above the South Fork River.

There are some ghost stories accredited to the home and it's past residents.

Renovated in 1969, it was occupied by Pharr Yarns Human Resources and company nurse until 2020.


Catch up on the past.... Ornaments from the years of 1987-2018 are also available. 

Design - Deea Dirks
Artwork - Russ Dirks

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Also available for local pick-up

Deea or Russ Dirks......

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PO Box 215 McAdenville NC 28101

Ornament - $15.00 postage and handling $5.00 Total = $20.00

Please enclose a valid mailing address. 

Ornaments from 1987-2018 are also available.


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