Christmas Town Ornament

    Hand-made in McAdenville North Carolina  - USA 

The 2019 Christmas Ornament highlights the new McAdenville sign located at the McAdenville Town Hall......

As you enter the center of downtown McAdenville, this new sign is a focal point for residents and visitors.
It is build adjacent to the old McAdenville United Methodist Church.

The original Methodist church was a wooden structure build in 1890 which was use until 1961.

In 1962 the Methodist congregation built a brick building and operated as The McAdenville United Methodist Church until June 2017.

The McAdenville Methodist Church building was renovated in 2018-2019 and converted to the McAdenville Town Hall.


Catch up on the past.... Ornaments from the years of 1987-2018 are also available. 

Design - Deea Dirks
Artwork - Russ Dirks

   Please note:

              Questions or information about purchasing this year's Christmas Town Ornaments
Deea or Russ Dirks......

To order by mail- send payment to Deea Dirks 
PO Box 215 McAdenville NC 28101

Ornament - $14.00 postage and handling $3.00 Total = $17.00

Please enclose a valid mailing address. 

Ornaments from 1987-2018 are also available.


        Questions about McAdenville - Christmas Town or to contact 
Steve here

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