The Official Lighting of Christmas Town USA
will be December 1, 201

The ceremony takes place  on the Plaza, in front of the PHARR FAMILY YMCA 
The PHARR FAMILY YMCA is located beside the McAdenville Baptist Church
The ceremony will start at 5:00 pm.

The  switch will be pulled at 6:00 pm to 
start another Christmas Town USA season.

The lights glow nightly through December 26

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Each year the McAdenville Elementary School holds a contest for its students.

The winner has the privilege of pulling the BIG SWITCH to turn on more than 500,000
red, white and green lights.

The student selected from McAdenville Elementary School to pull the "big switch" and create Christmas Town USA for 2016 is....

Sanaa Sade Swain


Our 61st Year


The student selected from McAdenville Elementary School to turn the lights on this year is Sanaa Sade Swain

Her parents are Tuson Swain and Toyia Walker. She is in Mrs. Adamís First Grade Class. 

She lives in Gastonia and has an older brother that lives in New York. 

Sanaa favorite subject is Math, but, she likes everything about school. 

Her favorite thing to do at home is to play with her dolls. Her favorite food is rice with butter and her favorite snack is blueberries. 

Her favorite T.V. show is "LoliRock", and no surprise her favorite color is pink. 

Sanaa is very excited about pulling the switch to turn on the "Christmas Town USA" lights this year.

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